Transportation Management

Partner With a Reliable Transportation Management Team

Advanced Warehouse has partnered with an experienced and dedicated freight forwarding team to be the transportation backbone of our entire operation. Through our partnership, our customers will not only be able to enjoy competitive rates with air, ocean, and/or trucking shipments, but also work under a completely streamlined logistics operation.

Container Drayage / Transloading

  • Ocean Container Transportation
  • Proper Container Loading, Bracing, and Blocking
  • Optimal and Efficient Container Loading
  • Detailed Reporting of Loading and Transferring

Ocean / Air Consolidation

  • NY/NJ Ocean LCL Shipment Management
  • NY/NJ Air Consolidation Management
  • On-Time Scheduled Loading
  • Proper Palletizing, Labeling, Wrapping, and Loading

Freight / Parcel Transportation

  • LTL Trucking Management
  • FTL Trucking Management
  • Inbound and Outbound Reporting
  • Parcel Shipping Management


  • Unloading, Screening, Sorting, Reloading
  • Middleman Role Between Supplier and Customer
  • Optimal and Efficient Processing
  • Deconsolidation Arrangements

Container Drayage / Transloading product

Prepare your ocean shipment for a smoother and safer ride. With over 20+ years of preparing and handling ocean containers for voyage, our team of experts will safeguard the items inside the ocean containers by professionally blocking, loading, and bracing the goods.

Although we prioritize safety at all costs, with our experience, we're also able to optimally and efficiently load containers for quick pickup and delivery. We also make sure to keep our customers in the loop throughout the process.

Ocean / Air Consolidation

With weekly ocean consolidation shipments prepared at our warehouse, our team of expert ocean consolidators provides thorough, on-time preparation of goods to be loaded into an ocean container for a safe and secure voyage.

Similar to our ocean team, our air consolidation team works with the same principals in mind to make sure shipments are well-prepared for flight by making sure to prepare correct documents and labels, while also making sure all goods are properly palletized, amongst other requirements.

Freight / Parcel Transportation

For shipments or freight that require domestic, LTL or FTL moves, our team, from start to finish, coordinates the logistical aspects of the move with both our freight forwarding company and trucking company. By coordinating with all parties, we are able to efficiently locate and prepare freight for immediate loading.

In addition to larger freight shipments, we've obtained competitive courier rates with UPS, Fedex, and USPS giving our customers the flexibility in transporting their goods.


For businesses that have many items that require complex sorting procedures, having a cross-docking procedure in place can significantly improve the handling efficiency of the distribution flow.

Advanced Warehouse is capable of being a central location to cover cross-docking procedures by being able to first inspect and sort shipments required by suppliers. Upon completion of screening and sorting, based on the instructions provided by suppliers, we load shipments to be delivered to customers.