Value-Added Services

Comprehensive Value-Added Warehousing Services

Complex business models require comprehensive features and services to accommodate the demand for high quality results.
Advanced Warehouse offers a full range of value-added warehousing services to our customers helping maximize work efficiency and output while minimizing time and money.

Pick & Pack

  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Automated Status/Shipping Updates
  • Time and Cost Efficient
  • Organized & Careful Packaging

Labeling / Bar Coding

  • Quick & Automated Labeling
  • Bar Code Scanning For Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Integrated With Warehouse Management System
  • Real Time Location and Inventory Checkup

Palletizing / Kitting / Bundling

  • Maximizing Space Utilization
  • Portability and Easier Handling
  • Customized Grouping Material Handling
  • Streamlined Processing


  • Over 20+ Years' Experience
  • Custom Sized Crating
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Quality In-House Crating

Pick & Pack

From receiving, organizing, picking, packing, scanning, shipping, to tracking, a lot of time is consumed on these functions of a pick and pack. Furthermore without the proper resources and personnel, businesses are bound to end up losing a lot of time and money.

Advanced Warehouse provides the perfect solution to combat lost time and money by offering an experienced, organized, quick and efficient pick and pack service no matter how large or small the number of items being handled.

Labeling / Barcoding

Labeling and barcoding is now an essential part of efficiently managing, tracking, and operating any and all warehouse functions.

With a modernized and connected labeling and barcode system in place, Advanced Warehouse's operations perform at high accuracy and efficiency levels ultimately resulting in overall higher customer satisfaction levels. As an added benefit, having a synced up labeling and barcode system with our WMS allows our clients to check the location and quantity of their inventory in real-time.

Palletizing / Kitting / Bundling

Whether it's meeting our customer's order specifications or maximizing storage space utilization, Advanced Warehouse has the right combination of tools, equipment, and resources to consolidate items together on demand.

We'll help maximize the allotted space for these consolidations, which can ultimately help save our customer's time, space, and money. As a bonus, portability and handling become much easier at every step of the handling funnel.


Delicate items and material that require stronger and more protective features require a sturdier coating.

At Advanced Warehouse, our team of crating experts, with over 20+ years of experience, doesn't just nail together pieces of wood to build a solid foundation. They carefully examine and measure the goods being crated to prevent damage at the highest level of impact, especially during transportation, by creating a foundation with a sturdy base and inner gut.